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3 ft Marquee Letters

As always, the marquee letters can be used whoever you want them to be.  Whether you want to hang them, strap them to the wall, elevate, etc, we can make it work. 
Available options:  A-Z, 0-9,!,@,#,$,&,*,+,?, . , Star, Closed Heart, Open Heart. 
I have multiples of everything so no limits to spelling anything you want.

TIFF Event - Dream Hotels.jpg

3 ft LED Lighted Letters

LED Marquee - #RHBOT.jpg

You can choose from 20+ different colors and options for the lettering.  These are a more modern and bright look.  As well, printed decals can be put onto each letter to add personalization or accommodate a theme or idea.

3ft alphaBRITE LED Letters

Our newest edision of letters to really blow you away!


LED Neon Signs

We have the biggest inventory of signs available for rent and we make custom, anything you want.


Cinema LightBox

This 4 feet wide x 2.5 feet tall sits on a stand for an overall height of just under 6 feet.  This can be used for messages and images similar to an old school movie sign across 4 rows of space.  You decide the font and text!

My Message Box - Movie Box.jpg

18" Marquee Letters

These marquee letters have been designed to be exactly 1/2 the size of my current 3ft letters and are meant to be used on their own or incorporated with the larger letters in tiers to be able to spell out more.    

Marsh Insurance - Private Event - MARSH (2).jpg

Fun Marquee Shapes & Designs

From classic shapes to emoji style marquee signs, we have an assortment of fun designs.